From Glen Mary bridge to Tarn Hows….

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it was another warm sunny day! As I needed a bit of shopping, rather than walking to Coniston, we travelled a couple of miles up the road to the little NT car park at Glen Mary Bridge. From here we walked up Tarn Howes, along a wooded path.

With fabulous views across to the Yewdale Fells.

And maybe Great How in the distance?

Soon The Tarns could be seen below us.

We have been following a single track lane for awhile and after awhile a large NT car park for Tarn How appeared on the right. Not surprisingly the car park was busy and there were plenty of folk about enjoying the two mile walk around The Tarns.

There is a good path all the way round, but only a couple of places where you can access the water and unfortunately for Poppydog, no handy stony beach to play on!

After doing the loop we walked up to the car park, where an ice cream van was doing a pretty good trade, to get a cold drink which I enjoyed sitting on a log in the sunshine looking down over The Tarns. Poppydog also for once content to just sit and watch – well for about 7 minutes!

We then walked part way around the lake again to pick up the footpath taking us back down to the car, via the Tom Gill waterfalls.

Getting right up close to some parts as we clambered down the rough stony path.

A good 4.5 mile circuit.

Two thoughts of the day:

Don’t you just love the coolness you get from standing close to a waterfall – like standing in front of an open fridge but oh so much better!

Actually saw the woodpecker this morning as it made a trial run at a close by tree – how does that not hurt?

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