A walk along the shore to Torver Common….

A beautiful sun shiny day and T-shirt warm, how amazing in February! Today we walked from the site, south along the shore line where the footpath covers a couple of miles of shoreline. The Lake looking serene with a slight haze in the sunshine.

The footpath is nice and level for a mile or so and then becomes a bit more challenging as you clamber over tree roots, little stone gullies and wobbles of rough stone steps – but oh so peaceful.

Very few other walkers and just a couple of boats out on the lake, the only sounds being the gentle lapping of the water and bird song.

At the end of the footpath just before it took us inland, we enjoyed a while on the little stony beach at Sunny Bank, just soaking up the sun and tranquility – me that is, Poppydog happy to chase stones and paddle in the shallows.

As the footpath rose inland, up and away from the Lake, a glimpse back with the Lake surrounded by trees – must be quite some sight during Autumn?

From here we walked back away from the Lake across Torver Common with just a few sheep for company. Passing a disused reservoir with a fine view of the peak of the Old Man of Coniston .

A warm and very peaceful 7.5 mile round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

There was a woodpecker hard at work in the trees on site this morning – shall have to see if we can see one in action!

Shall we attempt the Old Man of Coniston?

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