Moving on to Coniston…..

A beautiful hazy day dawned (not that I saw the dawn bit of it you understand) and it is time for us to set off for pastures new. Not far mind, a handsome journey of just 21 miles, with only the last few miles being a little scary when meeting something travelling the opposite way – it’s those stone walls that do it for me! Once we had decided on a pitch, not easy as there was plenty of choice and lots of little openings that I just couldn’t make my mind up!

We did the necessary set up, rewarded ourselves with a super cup of tea and set off to explore. Within a few minutes we were down at the lakeside and Poppydog needed a refreshing dip!

We then enjoyed a lovely walk to Coniston along the Cumbria Way through fields and fields of scruffy sheep (who pleasingly for the most part didn’t poo on the path!). Rather than visit the village we returned to the lakeside and found a peaceful stony beach where I sat on a tree stump to admire the beauty and serenity of the lake.

Poppydog happily chased stones and splashed about in the water leaving me enjoy the view!

Two thoughts of the day:

After so much sea gazing it is quite odd to look out over flat calm water.

My perfect pitch – secluded (just me!), sunny, level and not too far from the loos and water.

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