Spring has sprung in Sandscale Haw…..

Well as promised a lovely sunny, warm, dare I say it ‘spring’ day – time to get the shorts out? Today we are off to Sandscale Haw a National Trust Nature Reserve on the north side of the Furness peninsula. Wow and what a delight it was too. The tide was fully in when we arrived and quite busy with families in the dunes and around the first bit of beach.

Walking along the pebble bank we were soon beyond the crowds and Poppydog given her freedom.

Finding a nice sunny spot, where the beach opened out a bit, we took a moment to watch the seabirds in their silvery mumuration just above the breaking waves.

Well ok to be fair every time they settled back on the edge of the waves, Poppydog chased them off again – still it kept us both amused!

The tide was falling away quickly and exposing a wonderful sandy beach (Dudden Sands) as we went around the corner, with Walney Island and Barrow in the distance.

We walked part of the way back through the dunes.

And then just couldn’t resist rejoining this wonderful beach, just getting better and better as the tide recedes.

A well worth it 5 mile walk in the first of the spring sunshine (even shed a layer in the warmth of the sun) – oh happy days.

Two thoughts of the day:

Is this it – Spring?

I love finding a beautiful empty beach and not having to share it!

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