A bad idea to walk to Foulshaw in the rain….

A bit of a miserable one for us today with a cold wind blowing to make it feel worse! It was grey and dry at lunchtime so we decided to pop down the road and pick up the coastal path higher up the River Kent at Sampool Bridge. Parking the car we crossed the busy A590 and set off down a quiet single track lane to Foulshaw. After a short while it start to rain and with the wind blowing it in our faces, pleasant walking it did not make! A mile or so down the lane, we found the footpath but….

It was completely mud bound and water logged – now I was wearing walking boots, which would have no doubt survived, as would Poppydog but they would not have been pretty – so instead we continued along the lane, facing into the rain and feeling somewhat disenchanted! The walk was rather dull, with flat fields of wet sheep on either side.

Another mile or so later we admitted defeat as the road petered out at Foulshaw (a collection of five or six houses), with no obvious way to access the path running along the embankment – ah well you live and learn!

Back on site, unfortunately Poppydog has turned into a quivering wreck as the little folk have appeared with scooters and footballs!

Two thoughts of the day:

This walk would have not been very interesting even on a good day but to be fair if it had been a better day we probably would have gone elsewhere!!

Poppydog is getting more and more hysterical at the sound or sight of a football and I’m really not sure what I can do about it – any ideas?

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