A walk from Haverthwaite to Greenodd Sands….

Not quite wall to wall sun, but pretty much so. As the little folk have arrived we were looking for somewhere a bit off the beaten track and this 7 mile round trip certainly hit the mark.

We parked up in the little village of Haverthwaite and took the Cumbria cycle route along the shores of the River Leven (feeding from Windermere) towards Greenodd.

The track passes through woodland (Rousea Wood), marshy grazing land and nature reserve and over the 3 miles we passed one cyclist and two walkers – so perfect. Oh and look who else we saw?

Seriously think these cows are so photogenic!

As we arrived at the footbridge to Greenodd the river bank widens and gives way to a large expanse of slightly muddy sand (tidal).

Plenty of space for Poppydog to stretch her legs, though she did become a bit irritating barking all the while for me to throw stones – of which there were none, so she got put back on the lead!

We turned about at Mearness Point and followed a slightly different route back.

Two thoughts of the day:

I love it when a plan comes together!

Fortunately this muddy sand dries easily to dust – pfff and it is gone!

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