Does the sun always shine on Walney?….

A frosty start to another fabulous day. Though a bit of a trek from here, the day is just too nice, so off to Walney we head. This time we parked up at Sandy Gap (more free parking) immediately across the Island from the bridge to explore the southern half of Walney West Shore.

Just as we got onto the beach, Poppydog discovered an abandoned (well I hope it was abandoned!) football – oh she really is in heaven now!

So we spent a happy hour, not going far, playing football, loosely working our way along Biggar Bank Beach.

Eventually, as we were getting no where fast, I called time on the fun and games and hid the football behind a bin (ready for the next player to come along) and we continued our walk along the beach. From Bent Haw the beach has more frequent scars (patches of stones and broken shells) but still some lovely patches of sand in between.

What a beautiful afternoon and though there were quite a few wandering along the path on the top, the beach for the most part was empty.

Two thoughts of the day:

Fair trade Town? Ever heard of such a thing? Well for your info both Barrow-in-Furness and Ulverston are and according to google to qualify they have to serve Fairtrade Coffee and Tea at their Council Meetings and at least two shops / cafes must offer some Fairtrade products – really? I thought all councils were strapped for cash – feels like another town twinning project!

On a fairly similar vein – pleased to see that they have postponed making more sections of our motorways ‘smart’ until they have finished the existing sections – wow what an amazing level of common sense!

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