Sunny Walney Island awaits….

Well it certainly feels like spring has sprung! What a lovely day and reasonably warm, so off we went to the seaside – well you do don’t you?

The island is accessed by a relatively short road bridge from Barrow-in-Furness and is about 11 miles long and 1 mile at its widest. I was quite surprised to realise that the central part of the island is quite densely populated – Vickerstown initially built as a town for the workers of Vickers boat building in Barrow but either end of the island are extensive Nature Reserves with beaches running all along the west side and the east side more marshland.

Today we headed for the West Shore at Earnse Point (plenty of free parking) and headed towards the north end.

The beach is pebble backed with long stretches of sand interspersed with areas of stone (scars) – we soon left the houses behind and enjoyed a lovely walk along the deserted beach towards Black Combe the hill in the background back on the mainland.

Poppydog happy to chase seabirds, the occasional pebble and wallow around in the many pools left in the sands.

Oh we have missed this, it feels like a long while since we were able to amble along an empty beach, especially in the sunshine! For a change on the way back we pottered in and out of the low dunes of the Nature Reserve.

Two thoughts of the day:

The Lakes are beautiful but a long, deserted, sandy beach wins every time!

It feels wrong somehow that this tiny island is so heavily populated.

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