A grey trip down memory lane to Fell Foot…..

A thoroughly mizzog day today, grey and drizzly all day, neither cold nor warm just grey and damp! An effort free walk was required so we set off for Fell Foot a NT park at the southern end of lake Windermere. Home to many distant and somewhat vague childhood memories of happily pottering about on the lake with my brothers and cousins on various different craft – re-enacting our own versions of Swallows and Amazons.

I can’t remember how much freedom to roam we had, certainly not as much as the Walkers and Blacketts (characters in the much loved series of books, set in the late 20’s and early 30’s) but I do remember the feeling of excitement at being on the water, picnics by the waters edge and ice creams from the boathouse cafe – I also remember the sunshine!!

Today however there was no activity on the water, very few people wandering about and the boathouses are receiving a makeover so not accessible.

We walked about a bit in the drizzle, but actually the site is quite small (I remember it being much bigger but then I was much smaller!) and even doing a loop twice round barely took us an hour, even with some major excitement for Poppydog as she found an abandoned rugby ball!

On consulting Mr OS, the only other walks from here (as the Ferry to Lakeside doesn’t operate in the winter) are up two neighbouring fells, both of which had disappeared under a low mist so we’re not very appealing! Never mind we’ve had some fresh air and tomorrow is another day!

Two thoughts of the day:

I really wish I could remember more specifics of my childhood – I always remember our holidays being long adventures (we were lucky that mum and dad had the full school holidays off) in different places, meeting new lifelong friends to be forgotten shortly after the holidays had ended, sunshine – nearly always sunshine and being happy and carefree – not a bad way to remember them – I guess?

Little glimpses of our past bringing joyful memories of long forgotten times and places – how lovely to be able to revisit and relive so many?

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