A sunny walk to Roa Island….

Another beautiful day and almost warm in the sunshine! We pretty much set off were we left off yesterday, finding plenty of parking along the Coastal Road. Our first stop was a trip down onto the beach at Roosebeck Sands, taking the opportunity of an empty beach before the incoming tide swallows up all the sand.

As the tide is quickly coming in, we walked along the concrete promenade that runs all the way above the beach, to just shy of Rampside, where the promenade ends and you are forced to either take your chances on the marshland or walk a few hundred metres on the roadside. All the while enjoying views across the bay to Morecambe and Heysham. Rampside Sands had all but disappeared under the tide, though looked pretty with the low winter sun and contrasting wooden posts. Both beaches are scattered with shells and the sand is quite course and muddy in places.

The village itself is quite unremarkable and the road continues along a short causeway to Roa Island with it’s small collection of houses (no sign of any swanky glass new builds just a few rows of terraces) and a yard full of yachts.

The island is only tiny and soon we had reached the end of the road and Barrow’s New Lifeboat Station, with Piel Island in the distance.

We could have done with a cup of tea at this point but the one cafe was closed on Mondays! So we set off on our return journey and completed our 7.5 mile walk with a little play on the beach for Poppydog.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is something quite magical about visiting an island – I think so anyway.

I have to confess I am looking forward to visiting some ‘proper’ beaches soon. Morecambe Bay May have oodles of sand but much if it is unsafe to enjoy unless you are in the know – which I am not!

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