Bardsea and surprisingly a Buddhist Temple….

Another wet night but thankfully dry by the morning and in fact some lovely sunshine to keep us company this afternoon so we set off for Bardsea. We found plenty of parking on the coastal road, the tide was fairly well in though the nearest sandbanks still exposed as we looked out over Ulverston Sands across Morecambe Bay.

There was a path leading inland up the Ulverston Channel, along the shoreline, so off we went. At times the footpath was somewhat decrepit, though the shoreline was pebbly and quite easy walking.

It was a lovely peaceful walk, for a couple of miles, to the gentle lapping of the water and at the end a nice opportunity for a sit in the sun, whilst Poppydog had a paddle and chased stones.

Far reaching views over Levens Viaduct to the Lakes beyond – beautiful.

On the way back we popped into the woodland walk up to Conishead Priory for a look.

A beautiful old building, originally a 12th C. Augustinian Priory, since the 1970’s home to a Buddhist community with a fabulous new gold topped Temple in the grounds.

Missed the opportunity for a meditation session but we enjoyed the serenity of the Temple grounds in the sun.

As we returned to the car after our 5 mile walk, the low sun was still shining over the glistening wet sands as the tide Begins to recede again. Happy days.

Two thoughts of the day:

How peaceful is the sound of water lapping? Not crashing, roaring or grazing over shingle but gently lapping – of course they are all beautiful!

Just watching Martin Clunes ‘Island’s of America’ – now this is an America I would like to see.

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