A little windy up on Hampsfell…..

Well it was certainly forecast to be wild today and lived up to expectations – to be fair this site appears to be quite sheltered so we haven’t felt the full brunt. Though it rained through the night and into mid morning it remained dry for the rest of the day. We didn’t venture far, parking up in Grange-Over-Sands and instead of walking along the promenade which was our original plan we decided to head up through the park to take a look at Hampsfell Hospice.

Mostly surrounded by woodland, glimpses down to the sea were few.

After a couple of miles uphill (feeling rather unfit!) the woodland gave way to open moorland and then we felt the full brunt of Storm Erik! We battled on to the top and Hampsfell Hospice – a small shelter dating back to the 1830’s to offer respite against extreme weather with a viewing platform on the top.

The entrance was locked and access was chained off, however it was way too windy to even contemplate going up the crude stone steps on the outside to take in the views!

Still with our feet firmly planted on the ground, the views were still pretty amazing.

Across to The Lakes.

And across to Arnside.

Well that 4.5 mile walk certainly blew away any cobwebs we were harbouring!

Two thoughts of the day:

Seems at the moment we are doing quite a good job of dodging all the extreme weather – long may it continue!

Much as I’m not keen on walking in the wind, somehow a walk in the wind feels very refreshing – once you’re back in the warm of course!!

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