Back to Arnside….

Mostly grey but thankfully dry day today. We were on a mission today to witness the Arnside Bore, a tidal phenomenon occurring in very few places in the U.K., where the incoming tide forms a wave where the estuary mouth is narrow and this wave pushes its way up against the natural flow of the river. This wave can be anything from a tiny little ripple to a metre high spectacular, depending on the wind, height of tide and amount of recent rainfall. The best time to witness it is a couple of hours prior to a high Springtide, which today was not, but we set off to arrive in Arnside a couple of hours prior to high tide, ever hopeful!

Well we watched and watched as we walked along the shore, but the water stayed obstinately calm and flat – I guess it was just a ripple then? Still we enjoyed the walk along the shore beyond New Barns,

With the tide forcing us inland just before Blackstone Point

Though we were able to scramble back down onto the beach between here and Arnside Point

I did also give Poppydog some freedom as there was no one else about and she was soon splattering about in all the wet marshland chasing everything and nothing.

From here the footpath took us up into Arnside Park a large area of woodland and we continued along the shoreline.

We eventually arrived at Far Arnside, a pretty stony beach (the sand all being hidden under the tide) where Poppydog chased stones and I took awhile to enjoy.

From here we made our way back to Arnside village along a series of lanes, passing Arnside Tower in the way.

OK so mission not accomplished, but we will try again and in the meantime we have had a lovely 7 mile circular walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

21st of Feb is apparently one of the two highest tides of the year so, guess where we will be?

Well my plan to eat an apple a day has thus far failed! Tomorrow!

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