A wet walk around Sizergh Castle….

No sunshine for us today, a grey start but by lunchtime the rain had set in and was here to stay. Well the hound still needed walking and I didn’t want the rain to ruin a day on the beach, so we set off for a nearby NT property – Sizergh Castle. Not surprisingly, apart from the cafe which was doing a roaring trade, we didn’t meet anyone else as we took a walk around the castle grounds.

At first we followed various trails leading up to Helsington Church, which is in the middle of nowhere and originally built by a local farmer – not a very attractive church but with some pretty stained glass over the altar.

Opposite the church is a viewing point, from where many of the peaks of the Lake District would be visible – not today though!

We did venture up a bit higher towards Helsington Barrows but the rain was coming down, ever heavier so we decided to head back for a look around the castle. The snowdrops are out – spring is on its way!

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the formal gardens, so we made do with a soggy walk around the parklands – ok its a Castle – now let’s get out of the rain!

Two thoughts of the day:

This rain is clearing all the snow off the peaks – what a shame!

I think I prefer rambling, crumbling old castles than beautifully manicured restored ones.

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