Heysham in the sunshine….

Well after a quite frankly awful day yesterday, where rain well and truly stopped play, it was good to welcome the sun back today. Honestly I would prefer the freezing and clear days to the warmer and wet days, at least you can wrap up and get out. With that said we headed down the coast to Heysham, the last spot to explore on the Lancashire coastline and parked up just above the start of the promenade (which continues for nearly five miles to the other side of Morecambe) and walked towards Morecambe.

Most of Heysham Sands is sandy but as the tide recedes (a long way!) an area of seaweed covered stones is uncovered before more sand. As with much of this coastline getting to swim in the sea is quite a hike – not that that is an issue for me! But it does mean that there are miles for dog walking as long as you take care of the rapid tides.

After a couple of miles, once we reached the furthest point in the promenade on our Morecambe walk, we about turned and where the promenade ended, venture up into the village to take a look at the two 8th C churches. St Peters Church is thought to be the oldest current church in Britain, boasting more than a 1000 years of continuous worship, sitting proudly on the headland, looking out across Morecambe Bay.

Along side are the remains of St Patrick’s Chapel from the same era, but alas allowed to turn to ruin.

Next to the chapel are some rock hewn graves, over looking the sea – not a bad place to go!

Around the corner, the Heysham car ferry dominates the skyline and rather overshadows Half Moon Bay.

A large beach with lots of lower tide sand, albeit quite stony and seaweedy at first, great for dog walking but you need your wellies.

Another pleasant surprise and a 5ish mile walk in the sun! How lucky are we?

Two thoughts of the day:

It is only human nature to make a mental picture of what you are about to experience but isn’t it lovely when you get it so wrong?

Do chocolate raisins count as one if your five a day?

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