Silverdale and Arnside an unexpected delight….

Another stunning winter day, barely a cloud in the sky and hardly any breeze – can do this kind of winter! Today we are bound for Silverdale and Arnside, though admittedly my expectations were not that high as they are both nestled well within the Estuary of the River Kent – well I was wrong! We parked up in Silverdale a pretty stone village with a few shops and pubs and walked down to the beach.

Wow! Miles and miles of virtually empty sand, a little on the muddy side in places and broken by lots of little streams, it carries the same warning as the rest of Morecambe Bay, that of hidden quicksand and rapid incoming tides but there were enough others walking across the sands to feel safe. Poppydog enjoyed a good run around as we gradually wandered along the shore northwards.

We visited Cove cave up in the cliffs, before sitting awhile in the sheltered cove, with Poppydog being entertained by chasing stones.

From here we took a route inland along the lanes and footpaths back into the village. A gentle circular walk of about 3.5 miles.

Next stop a bit further inland up the Estuary to Arnside, another pretty stone cottage village with a couple of shore side pubs and cafes doing a good trade on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

There was plenty of shoreside parking (free) though only a few spaces going begging but we soon found a spot and set out for a riverside walk. With eye catching views of the Kent Viaduct, first constructed in 1856 and some 477m in length and the Lakes snow covered mountains adding to the vista, I can think or worse places to stop for a pint and lunch!

The river runs alongside at this point so there isn’t an opportunity to venture across the sands but a lovely walk south along the shore which eventually takes you around the corner to Arnside Point, where the sand is more accessible.

We didn’t go that far today but I think we may well return as there are acres of woodland just above the shoreline to make a great circular walk for another day.

Just a bit further north up the road this view across the estuary at Sandside was too good to miss!

Two thoughts of the day:

How lovely to spend the day exceeding expectations – mind you most days I am totally enthralled by what I find – how lucky.

I aim to catch the tidal bore – which as incoming tidal wave particular to this estuary and occurs about an hour and a half before high tide and is most noticeable at a high springtide – Watch and see.

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