A long promenade at Morecambe….

Another lovely sunny day, still frosty and very cold but perfect. We drove down to Morecambe parking up at the north end of the promenade, looking out across Lancaster Sand, Morecambe Bay to the snowy peaks of the Lake District.

The sand here looks quite muddy and not particularly safe to venture across but as we neared Morecambe the shoreline became more sandy with several manmade harbours.

The North Shore is still a bit scruffy with the sand a bit stony.

On the promenade was this magnificent sculpture outlining the mountainous skyline across the bay. The suns angle made it a bit difficult to capture but each peak was named – though to be fair still quite difficult to match to the actual skyline but I was impressed!

The Stone Jetty in the centre of town, separates the North and South Shores.

We wandered down to get a closer look across the bay, but didn’t loiter as it was a bit breezy and exposed!

Also home to Morecambe Lighthouse.

And these rather fabulous concrete Terns.

South Shore is a lovely wide sandy Bay and for the first time since Cornwall, Poppydog got a chance to play!

A lovely 7 mile walk in the sunshine, though my fingers and face were ready to get into the warmth of the car and heated seats are just the best invention!

Two thoughts of the day:

Can you believe it? Snow across most of the country but not here – I thought it always snowed up north?

Remember to fill up the kettle at night just in case the water container freezes up!

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