A crisp sunny day in Knott-End-on-Sea….

Another clear sunny albeit ‘brisk’ day with lots of lovely snow on the higher ground, making our journey down to Knott End-on-Sea a very picturesque one. We parked up in this flourishing seaside village and walked down to the sea front, disappointingly again there was much marshland before the sand could be reached, though the views across to the snow covered mountains of the Lakes made up for us not being able to access the beach.

Then just as we reached Little Knot at the point or the estuary, a lovely expanse of sand.

Unfortunately the slipway was closed for works so we couldn’t get at it but at least we know it’s there!

Also this sculpture demarking the spot where L.S. Lowry painted ‘The jetty at Knott End’ with Fleetwood across the estuary in the background.

Not a lot more to see, so we returned to the car and moved on to Cockerham ‘Sands’. A very remote place and unfortunately again the sand is somewhat distant from the shoreline.

Nice pink snow covered mountains in the distance, some muddy looking sand, seaweedy stones, a little lighthouse- Plover Scar Lighthouse and some Abbey Ruins (though they were across some rather waterlogged fields so we passed!) and that was Cockerham!

Now for some real excitement – when we got back to site I noticed that one of the wooden electricity pylons in the field above site was on fire! I checked with my binoculars first just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and went to raise the alarm with the Wardens, however someone else had noticed and fire brigade were on their way.

They soon arrived in force!

The fire was soon extinguished but the Pylon was quite badly burned and we were advised by the wardens that the power was likely to be off all night as the pylon needed replacing. Now I have never tried operating the heating by gas – let’s hope it works as it is very cold! No worries, we were soon warm and cosy but went to bed early to conserve the gas supply and caravan battery. Fair play to Electricity North West – they were soon out working to replace the pylon and the power was switched back on at about 3am (I only know as my phone pinged as it went back on charge!)

Two thoughts of the day:

How on earth does a pylon catch light a few feet above ground especially when it is so cold?

Not much point in having a portable charger if it is not charged!!

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