Off to Humphrey Head…..

Tiny, tiny fall of snow yesterday evening, just enough to freeze over and look all pretty and sparkly as we looked out over the River Kent and sands in the morning.

The day was cold but dry and almost sunny at times, so we set off to explore Humphrey Head – why? Well I liked the sound of it and on a clear day you should get amazing views across the whole of Morecambe Bay and beyond from the top! Reason enough, in my book.

We parked up in a lay-by on the main road and walked along the lane the mile and a half or so to reach the start of Humphrey Head, though there were atleast two other parking opportunities and a small car park at the end of the lane. It was a pleasant and peaceful walk, only interrupted by Postman Pat on his rounds and we were soon at the end of the lane about halfway along the hump backed headland. Here there was a rather imprecise sign pointing some midway between the sandy sea level route or following a small path up through the woodland to the top.

We opted to follow the steep woodland path, which became increasingly tricky the higher we climbed (mostly due to the layer of slippery wet leaves underfoot) until about 10m from the top we were confronted with bare rock! Mmm! Now up didn’t look possible and down didn’t look very appealing – at this point I decided that Poppydog and I would be better off going our separate ways and yes, it would have to be downwards! To say that Poppydog reached the bottom much faster and with considerable more grace than I did, is all I’m prepared to say about the experience!

We then continued around the base of the headland across the quite weird terrain, mostly sandy though a bit muddy in places reaching a footpath at the end, taking us gently up on to the top.

Ok so the views across Morecambe Bay made it all worthwhile!

5.5 miles round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

There is lots of sand around but we can’t seem to get at it!

I know I wished for snow but hey Chicago can keep theirs.

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