And we’re off to Meathop Fell…..

After a stop off in Hunton Bridge (Herts) to see Dad and get our first taste of winter..

A moment watching a pair of foxes enjoying the falling snow in the back garden.

An overnight stop with my Aunt in Blackburn for a delicious meal, a good catch up and some homemade chicken soup for my first meal away.

We set off to collect the caravan from just outside Preston where she has been relaxing for a couple of months. The sun was shining brightly but the wind had whipped up and was forecast to continue until early evening making me a bit hesitant to get going. However I saw a couple just returning their caravan and they assured me that as long as I took it steady I would be fine! Ok let’s do this!

Minor problem at take off – I couldn’t get the motormover to work! Not to be deterred I reversed up and hitched up the old fashioned way and we were off! A gentle, albeit gusty 50 mile drive saw us arriving early afternoon at Meathop Fell CAMC site just into Cumbria a couple of miles inland from Grange-over-Sands. Here I discovered the reason why the motormover wasn’t working – the battery was disconnected!! Problem solved and we were soon in situ, with plenty of sunshine left for walk before settling back into our home on wheels!

I think Poppydog is as happy as I am to be back!

Now it is definitely wine o’clock!

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