Just bimbling around Hunton Bridge…..

Well we haven’t been idle for these past few days, still wandering around, finding bits of countryside, where we can and marvelling at how all the villages have almost merged into one big sprawl, factories and hospitals have been turned into fashionable apartments and traffic – well don’t get me started on that!

Some highs of our week:

A random ‘Triffid’ of a tree in Leavesden Country Park (formerly hospital grounds).

A wood carving and the footpath.

Abbots Langley village – mostly unchanged and looking quite handsome, though now serving a vastly greater population.

The Grove, perched up above the surrounding immaculate golf course and the canal.

St Paul’s Church still sitting pretty at Langlebury, though now squashed beside a very busy intersection.

A deer, calmly grazing in a field, deep in a valley on the way to Bucks Hill that has so far avoided the urban sprawl, with the M25 a distant rumble.

The edge of Chipperfield Common.

We also managed a quick trip back up to the Wirral to visit family catching Hoylake with it’s Christmas lights and a beach run in the rain for Poppydog!

Two thoughts of the day:

I am loving this opportunity to catch up with some very dear friends who I have not seen for ages – we have talked and then some!

I am enjoying my stay here but shall be quite content to go back on living in my ‘bubble’!

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