Blackpool and it’s magnificent beaches – miles of them……

Another lovely Autumn day, as was yesterday ( no blog because we were busy spending time catching up with lovely rellies), so off to Blackpool we go! We found a cheeky little free parking spot at the southern end of town and went straight down onto the South Shore beach – looking towards St Anne’s beach.

North towards South Pier.

And out to to sea.

Deserted too! A bit further along and South Pier came into view as did the amazing roller coaster at Pleasure Beach – I have been on it, many years ago! but look how high it is?

We stayed on the beach, wandering underneath the pier onto Central Beach, another wide expanse of lovely sandy beach, with Central Pier and the Tower in the distance.

Just before walking under Central Pier we walked up onto the promenade to take a closer look at the lights and centre of town.

Then returned to the beach for a better look at Central Pier and the Tower.

Central Beach continues on towards North Pier, looking back to see the low sun casting a shimmer of gold over the sea next to the Central Pier.

From here we went back up onto the promenade to get a proper look at the iconic Blackpool Tower built in 1894, inspired by the Eiffel Tower and standing 518 feet tall.

In the shadow of the tower is the 1800 sq m Comedy Carpet, created by artist Gordon Young and celebrates the jokes, sketches and catchphrases of some 850 British comedians.

We rejoined the beach to enjoy the deserted North Shore Beach.

And still we pressed on a little further to see the sand stretching on past Bispham and Norbreck to Cleveleys where we started our journey last week.

With the sun fast disappearing over the horizon it is time to make our way back.

Leaving the beach at North Pier as darkness wins we head for the bright lights of town to illuminate our walk back along the promenade to the car.

Shame that we have missed both the Illuminations and the Christmas Lights but we have enjoyed pretty much having the place to ourselves! A fair old 11 mile round trip – not a pipsqueak from Poppydog on the way back – not that I had much to say either!!

Two thoughts of the day:

They were quite profound, but I’m too tired to remember what they were!


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