Inland to Witton Country Park….

A lovely sunny day, all day – our favourite kind of day. Today we are off to visit my Auntie in Blackburn with a stop off at Witton Country Park to keep Poppydog happy.

A lovely big park on the outskirts of Blackburn, as you might expect on a lovely Autumn day, the park was very busy around the play areas, with games of hockey, rugby and football all being on played on the relevant pitches, as well as children running around kicking footballs and riding bikes – so it was Poppydog heaven or hell, depending on which way you look at it! However, as is always the case once you get past all this activity, a whole empty park beckoned.

We enjoyed a stroll around the park.

And then a lovely afternoon catch up with my Auntie, who I haven’t seen for quite some time – perfect day!

Two thoughts of the day:

What a bonus to this fabulous journey, catching up with long lost friends and family.

Anyone else a little bit fed up with ‘Brexit’ – there is no way it is going to end well – we Brits are usually pretty good at sticking and working together in a crisis – what has gone wrong?

6 thoughts on “Inland to Witton Country Park….

  1. What a lovely surprise to see this post popping up in my inbox.
    Blackburn is my home town – and I have spent MANY happy hours in Witton Park. My grandparents lived just up the road from there!
    As for Brexit. Just don’t even get me started! Having at last found a way to live our dreams and tour Europe, I have just read an official EU document that suggests that British Nationals may be restricted to a maximum period of 3-months in the EU. If we can’t get extended visas, this will rather scupper our long-distance voyages, such as the proposed trip around the Baltics next year.
    Maybe we will just have to pack up and take our pups to Peru!


    • Oh how small is the world! My mum grew up in Darwen so we spent many childhood holidays up here with cousins who I am gradually catching up with this week – happy days! We will just have to hope for a ‘sensible’ outcome to Brexit!!!!

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      • How amazing! We have some very dear friends in Darwen and a mega highlight of my youth was the occasional trip to the swimming pool at Darwen – which was always rounded off with a box of chocolate raisins from the vending machine as a treat! Here’s hoping for Brexit…

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  2. Enjoying reading about your own adventures 👍 I know that you have recently started following my ‘ramblings’ so you will know of all the twists and turns in our own adventures, but that is what life is all about, being flexible and when obstacles arise you just navigate a way around them. Brexit may mean changing the logistics of our travel plans, but it will not stop us 👍


    • Good to hear other’s experiences and add to the never ending list of possible places to explore – it will probably be another 5 years before I run out of U.K. coastline and need to cross the pond but never say never – enjoy your winter sojourn!


      • Thank you 👍 It is a bit vice versa for us, we are looking forward to exploring a lot more of the UK once we hang the gloves up on the gardening on our Country Estate 😄 Your posts are a taste of what we have to look forward to 👍

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