Back to Formby……

A mild, dry and grey day for us today. Didn’t fancy dealing with Friday afternoon traffic, so decided that Blackpool can wait until next week and headed to Formby instead. Parking up at the Formby Road NT carpark we set off into the woods.

This area is so large that you rarely bump into anyone else, you might hear distant conversation or a dog barking but otherwise it’s birdsong and rustling leaves – lovely. Poppydog had a ball, disturbing 3 pheasants, 2 rabbits and a squirrel – it’s a good job that she is no twinkle toes as she charges around the undergrowth as I would hate her to catch something!

After a happy couple of hours amble we returned via the beach.

Love this place!

Two thoughts of the day:

So now we have ‘early Black Friday’ sales – really? Should you wait for actual ‘Black Friday’ in case the deals are better? Fortunately with my simple life I don’t need anything, so it can be any colour it wants!!

Wow, we were out for four hours this afternoon and the site was maybe a quarter full – when we got back they were queuing out the gates to get in and it is now full! I guess the power of Christmas lights switch on, on Sunday?

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