A wander around Southport…..

A lovely sunny day all day, today. As I had promised, much to Poppydog’s disgust, we took a slow wander around the town of Southport. To be fair, nothing spectacular, but quite a pleasant, old fashioned but reasonably smart town. We started in Victoria Park, home to the famous Southport Flower Show, which actually runs along the back of the site and where we often take our morning stroll. I guess this is quite a feature during the show.

From here we wandered down the main street ‘Lord Street’, a wide avenue full of lovely old shops, set in tall Victorian ornate buildings.

Past the Christmas Tree in the centre of town- how can they call this a tree? Is it cost or are they being green?

Between the old high street and the newer precinct that runs parallel and houses all the more typical high street shops, are a series of little covered arcades.

Towards the end of the main high street is the Cenotaph and memorial gardens.

From here we wandered back down to the lakeside, past the ‘smallest’ pub in Britain, and back in time to watch the sun going down in Victoria Park.

A day off the beaches but a pleasant 4.5 mile walk nonetheless.

Two thoughts of the day:

The Victorian’s certainly knew how to build but were also very fond of open spaces to enjoy.

This site could be the setting for Watership Down – rabbits everywhere! It is driving Poppydog wild!

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