We went to Blackpool but overshot….

Wet and wild night but a mostly sunny day if a bit chilly in the wind. Today we were bound for Blackpool, however, as we drove along the promenade, I couldn’t see any free parking, the middle part of the promenade was closed for refurb and before I knew it we were out the other side!! I enjoyed the drive along the front as it is as fabulously awful as you imagine it would be and we will be back. However, for today, we parked up on the front at Cleveleys.

The tide was well in so no beach here to be seen, but as we walked a bit further north to Rossall Beach, a mostly pebbly beach with a few patches of sand.

We enjoyed a short time on the beach before walking on.

We walked along the lower path (below the promenade, cycle track and a further pathway – so plenty of choice) nearest the churning bronze sea.

It was lovely walking along to the sound of crashing waves – it’s been awhile since we’ve really heard the sea!

As we walked around Rossall Point a further stretch of stony beach with quite a lot more sand, awaited.

How great is this Coastguard Lookout?

I wonder why?

The beach and walkway continue in to Fleetwood but that was another mile or so and I have walked enough and the sun is on its way down, so it is time to set off back.

We had a quick look at Cleveleys beach now that the tide has receded a bit.

Before making our way back through Blackpool and home. I had hoped we would catch the lights in Blackpool, but guess what? The illuminations finished on the 4th November and the Christmas lights don’t get switched on until the 1st December – C’est la vie!

Two thoughts of the day:

Need at least another day in this area to visit Blackpool beaches and Fleetwood but it is an hours drive from here!

How unlucky about the lights it all looked so gorgeously tacky!

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