A walk from Lytham to St Anne’s…..

A mostly dry day, a little spit spot here and there and very little sunshine but it is November! A bit of a trek (in the car) around the coast to Lytham and we parked up along the front. We were surprised to find that like Southport the area was mostly marshland.

I also didn’t realise that Lytham and St Anne’s are in fact two neighbouring towns rather than one town of Lytham St Anne’s – who knew that? Anyhow, we are in search of a beach, so we wandered towards St Anne’s, in between there are major works to improve the sea defences and so the coastal path diverts inland slightly – past some pretty impressive houses, it has to be said! We re-joined the coastal path over some low dunes and more marshland!

It didn’t take Poppydog long to find a nice muddy puddle!

Fortunately the marshland soon gave way to a wide expanse of sandy beach.

As you can see, pretty much deserted as we wandered past a row of well kept beach huts up on the promenade.

The sea was so far out, that you could barely make out where it started but we splooshed about in the seemingly miles of shallows.

Might be a bit of a nuisance if you are a keen swimmer but otherwise a nice beach.

The beach extends way beyond the pier to Blackpool but we have walked enough, so we will return another day.

As we headed back the way we came (a 9 mile round trip) the sun was almost out as it was making its way down for the day.

Two thoughts of the day:

We didn’t time this very well as we struggled to cross Preston during rush hour! Traffic! We don’t do traffic!

I wonder if the sea is ever blue here? It seems to have been brown and full of sand? since we left Wales.

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