An early start to see the Soldier in the Sand at Formby….

A drizzly morning but the sun came out in the afternoon. What a shame that it had started to rain as we left site this morning at about 8.30 to get parked up at Formby Point NT car park. We needn’t have worried too much, time wise, as there was not much of a queue and plenty of space. Anyhow, once parked up, as I imagined it would be quite busy on the beach towards Lifeboat Road end (south) we headed through the woodland in the opposite direction to get Poppydog a good run around off the lead.

Before we joined the beach and headed towards Lifeboat Road Beach where the NT where hosting an event to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

On 100 different beaches around the U.K. a huge picture of a soldier lost during WWI is being drawn (using a rake) in the sand along with many life size silhouettes of soldiers in action. As we approached the activity, the main picture was complete, though from ground level it was virtually impossible to make the picture out.

We clambered up onto the dunes to get a better look and after a bit I got it!

This was a picture of Joseph Aplin, who lost his life at the tender age of 19 in WWI. From our vantage point we could see the gradual formation of the soldiers in action, though unfortunately the rain was proving quite a hinderance!

Shame it is such a grey day as lovely views up and down the coast from here!

We moved on up the beach, away from the crowds so that Poppydog could have a good run around on the beach and through the dunes and watched the sky breaking over Liverpool.

Heading back to participate in the two minute silence at 11am.

This was followed by ‘The last post’ and reading of the poem ‘Wound in time’, specifically written by Carol Ann Duffy, for the occasion.

We watched the incoming tide as it approached the sand art before making our way back to the car, now almost dry but cold and desperately in need of a cup of tea.

Later, we wandered along the seafront in Southport, mainly to see if the beach looked more welcoming in the sunshine, it didn’t, the wet sand is dark and a bit muddy and the pier still closed!

Two thoughts of the day:

Why was the picture of the soldier not facing the dunes?

With our love of beaches and plans to visit them all – what a perfect way to mark the centenary of Armistice Day – ‘lest we forget’

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