Today we went to Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’…

Quite wild out there, grey but still keeping dry, until now that is but we are tucked up in the warm, so fill your boots! We drove towards Liverpool to the very affluent village / suburb of Crosby, parking down on the front (it was P&D but I’d decided to cough up for a change but someone had kindly left a ticket with nearly two hours to run in the machine so who am I to argue!) in the car park clearly a popular feeding ground for gulls and starlings – though Poppydog soon shifted them! The tide was still quite high and our first encounter of an Iron Man was a rather haunting glimpse of a man ‘walking into the sea’.

There are 100 of these life size Iron Men scattered around the beach over an area of a couple of miles and stretching out some half a mile into the sea. Each weighs 650 kilos and are an exact caste of the sculptor Antony Gormley’s (Angel of the North) own naked body – though some of them have kindly been donated T shirts!

Poppydog wasn’t remotely interested, she us quite oblivious to beauty, art or culture unless it looks like a ball or can be thrown! Still she was happy to chase tennis balls as we wandered along the rapidly appearing sandy beach.

The beach was deserted apart from our silent companions, all staring moodily out to sea, but you couldn’t help a second look as they appeared in your line of vision.

Close up the weathering of the statues is quite how I imagine natural decay to be – quite unnerving really.

It was quite a surreal experience, the beach being so deserted and yet, each time you glanced out to sea, another head and shoulders was appearing.

I can’t help feeling that they would have been better placed somewhere much more remote and, for me personally, bunched closer together to heighten the impact.

Well worth a visit, on this cold blustery day, only 4 miles round trip but hey I’m happy.

And so was the hound!

Two thoughts of the day:

It works but what kind of mind wakes up in the morning and thinks ‘I know, I’ll make a life size cast of my naked body, or should I say a 100 and plant them on a beach’?

It is whipping up a treat out there tonight – glad we are warm and cosy inside.

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