Formby and miles of empty beach – we like!….

A bit of rain through the night but dry in the morning, grey and blustery but hey it is Autumn! Today we went to Formby, parking up in the NT car park, actually we did the same yesterday but I forgot to take my phone, so here we are doing it all over again just for you and atleast today it didn’t rain! The beach is just a short walk through the trees (red squirrel country but we didn’t see any) and over the dunes.

How fabulous are these trees all bent by the prevailing sea breeze – like natural sun umbrellas.

Over the last dune and a lovely sandy beach awaits.

Not a soul to be seen in either direction.

Poppydog free as a bird and enjoying a quick wallow.

Armed with a couple of tennis balls and the thrower it was a much more pleasurable walk today, yesterday Poppydog barked almost non stop as there were no stones on the beach to throw and I hadn’t brought the balls and thrower – oh yes and it was raining!

We walked for about three miles, towards Ainsdale and decided to do an about turn at this skeleton of a long submerged boat, still partially covered by the tide and just catch a weak glitter of late afternoon sun – beautiful!

For a change of scene, halfway back we left the beach via Fisherman’s Path and followed the Sefton Coastal Path back through the woods.

A good three and a half hours fresh air, 7.5 mile round trip for me and many, many more for Poppydog – ‘off roading’ all the way!

Two thoughts of the day:

Well I stand corrected – I really didn’t have high hopes for this stretch of coastline.

There are some seriously huge houses in both Southport and Formby – the Liverpool ‘haves’?

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