Along the dunes to Ainsdale Sands…..

After a breezy night, we had a grey and breezy day, with only a couple of peeps of sunshine. Today we walked from site in the opposite direction, away from Southport and along the low dunes towards Ainsdale.

It was a bit inland from the sea behind quite a stretch of more marshy land but very peaceful so Poppydog got to ‘off lead’ most of the way. Eventually the row of low trees blocking views of the sea cleared and as we approached Ainsdale our first glimpse of the beach.

A long stretch of mostly wet compacted sand, littered with razor shells and other broken shells awaited.

Very few people around so again Poppydog got her freedom.

We wandered briefly inland but apart from a few derelict buildings and a rather grubby looking Pontin’s there was nothing much to see so back down on the beach we went for a little display of sun peeping through the clouds.

We decided to attempt the walk back along the beach, hoping we wouldn’t get stuck trying to cross the marshlands nearer Southport.

We watched a flock of geese landing in the marshlands and could just make out Blackpool Tower in the distance as we hopped from grassy hummock to patches of sand and negotiated our way back inland without getting wet!

A very pleasant and peaceful 7.5 mile walk (considerably more for Poppydog!).

Two thoughts of the day:

We took a brief drive around the town centre of Southport tonight and the high steeet looks worth a second visit as well as a wander along Rotten Row to ogle the big posh houses – plenty of time here to do that.

After five hours of fireworks – is it me or where we are but they seem to have been going on forever? With displays on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday- enough!

One thought on “Along the dunes to Ainsdale Sands…..

  1. A town in Italy had a silent fireworks display to show respect for its animals.

    I love fireworks, but Nov 5th seems to be a several-month long affair these days! Our poor pooches are terrified of fireworks. There is a petition that you can sign to review firework rules to make it all a bit more sensible.

    Search ‘Review firework rules to protect animals from injury and distress’

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