Today we moved from The Wirral to Merseyside…..

Warmer today but sadly no sunshine, never mind. This site closes tomorrow and after half term there was a mass exodus this morning and we carried the flag just after 12 (though I have to say – not the last to leave).

The journey up to Birkenhead was fine, then we were suddenly faced with all these different lane (toll booth) options, having seconds to make a decision, opted for an ‘Auto booth’ as I had the right money (thanks to Google) and was just wandering how it knew what class of vehicle I was driving? – the answer it doesn’t the ‘Auto booths’ are for cars only!!! Fortunately I had been spotted by a roving attendant who pointed out the error of my ways but took my money and activated the barrier – Phew! I would not have wanted to reverse up and make my way across quite a few lines of traffic to the correct ‘Attended’ booth!

Then, safely through the tunnel we are ditched into the centre (almost) of Liverpool (we passed Everton FC) – just me and the Sat Nav and way too many ‘in 800 yards keep left’, ‘in 500yards turn right’ or and this one was a beaut- ‘in 500 yards exit’ – where to? To say it was stressful is putting it mildly and just when I was beginning to feel confident that we were leaving the city, Mr Sat Nav starts ‘in 200 Yards turn around’ – seriously!!

Eventually, we made it in one piece to our new home for the next few weeks and were soon enjoying a cup of tea – Poppydog, well she is happy, no squirrels but loads of rabbits! We are looking forward to exploring the miles of beach here at Southport.

No photos as Mr Sat Nav flattened the battery on my phone!

Two thoughts of the day:

Would I have knowingly towed a caravan through a city – NO!

Just watched Dr Who for the first time in many and I mean many years and I’m sorry but I just don’t get it!

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