Along the beach to West Kirby…..

A blustery, grey day but it was as dry so we are not complaining. I got busy with a bit of planning for next year, this morning – it looks so exciting, most of it completely new territory and lots more beaches to walk. Poppydog soon put a stop to my planning as she was pinging around the caravan wanting a walk, so off we went. Today we are just going to walk along the beach to West Kirby. Not really a beach but a thin strip of coarse pale orange sand before miles and miles of muddy sandy low tide sand estuary.

Poppydog isn’t very discerning when it comes to beaches, as long as there are stones to be thrown then all is good in her world.

Maybe a mile along we came to a very small bit of slightly wider beach at Caldy.

From here to West Kirby the strip of sand is slightly wider so I guess if you are not fussed about swimming you could quite happily sit out and enjoy your day!

We returned to site via the Wirral Way, only 4.5 miles today for me, though as always Poppydog managed to click up considerably more!

Two thoughts of the day:

I cannot believe our travels for this year are nearing an end – where has the year gone?

Fireworks have been going off all evening but fortunately not close enough to upset Poppydog – let’s hope the same can be said for tomorrow and Monday!

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