Walking from Little Neston to Wales….

Another lovely Autumn day, quite mild and sunny, so the shorts get to live for another day! We parked down at the end of Marshlands Lane in Little Neston and set off along the path running along the edge of the marshlands of the Dee estuary.

Though possibly not the most scenic walk, it is wonderfully peaceful, with just the cries of the many seabirds that congregate on these marshlands and the sun was lovely and warm on our faces so hey – we’re good. Part of the walk is along a boardwalk across some me of the marshland.

Past the Sealand rifle range.

What I wasn’t expecting was to be re-entering Wales, I thought the river was the border.

We jumped in and out of Wales a couple of times, just because we could (and there was no one around to witness our little folly!) and look England welcomes us at last!

Shortly the sound of seabirds was drowned by the roar of the traffic on the A548 as it crosses the Dee. Now at this point we thought we’d take a bit of a gamble and skirt alongside the Sailing Club to meet up with the Burton Mere – RSPB Reserve for a circular route back via Burton – however after about a mile….

How unfriendly! Back we trudged – shame it looked so pretty.

By now it’s half three and the sun is getting weaker behind a layer of grey cloud.

Going back across the boardwalk look at these wonderful bull rushes.

Nine miles round (ok not very round!) trip and this pretty tree greets us just as we get back to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

How irritating when a planned route goes wrong !

You have to be very observant to detail and have a really good pair of binoculars to be any good at bird spotting.

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