West Kirby and the Hilbre Islands…..

A bit wet, well actually a lot wet overnight but more importantly, a lovely sunny autumn day. We popped up to West Kirby, parked the car along the front and walked along the footpath in amongst the sandy grasslands to Red Rocks.

Poppydog managed to find a lovely muddy puddle in amongst the grasses to have a good wriggle!

At Red Rocks there was no one about so she got to ‘off road’ most of the rest of the walk as we wandered across the wet sand out to the sea.

The idea being that she would have a little wallow in the shallows and clean up – somehow that message didn’t get across! Still it was great not having her dragging at the lead, happy to alternately chase the ball and any hapless sea birds that caught her eye.

It is a good mile across the Sands to Hilbre Island and as I’ve seen nice found out we were trying to access it from the wrong side! Still we got up as close as we could, keeping a watchful eye on the many channels of water cross crossing the sands, as the tide is on its way in.

We followed a long sandbank with channels either side to the smallest island ‘Little Eye’, no more than a sandstone outcrop really, but we had it to ourselves.

From pole position on top of the island (probably less than 10m above sea level!) was a clear route to the other two islands (too late now as the tide is coming in fast).

Looking across at West Kirby.

At a sea worn sort of sandstone tor.

And into the sunlight over Wales, across the Dee.

Ahead of the incoming tide we walked back to West Kirby, doing a circuit of the boating lake before returning to the car. Six and a half miles round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

Doesn’t the low autumn sun add some real drama to the photos?

M&S chicken stew and herb dumplings – perfect way to end the day!

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