Thurstaston Common and Royden Country Park in their Autumn glory…..

A sharp frost this morning but otherwise a beautiful day, chilly especially in the shade but very little breeze.

Today we left the car in peace and walked up the lane to Thurstaston Common, a large area of part National Trust and part Royden Country Park owned public land. The mostly wooded site was quite a spectacle in full autumn sunshine with all the leaves in vibrant colour gradually falling from the trees.

First we climbed Thurstaston Hill to the highest point on The Wirral (ok so only a whopping 91m but everything is relative!) and treated to fantastic views, across the Dee to Wales

Over the Mersey Estuary to Lancashire, with Blackpool Tower just visible (ok I used binoculars!).

Across the Mersey to Liverpool.

After a bit of coaxing I managed to get Poppy to sort of sit by the highest point Beacon for a photo!

There are miles and miles of footpaths so we loosely followed a series of paths around the perimeter, dipping into the centre to look at the pond, beautiful with the trees reflected on the water.

These ferns changing from a vibrant green, to a pale yellow and finally a dried crinkly brown.

We found Thor’s Stone scarred by generations of people scoring their initials or messages in the sandstone for others to read. Allegedly an ancient Viking place of worship and celebrations,

After about six miles rambling around we came back to the highest point and having it to ourselves we enjoyed a bit of a sit to just take in those amazing views.

Before wandering back down the lane to site, a good 8 mile circuit, just in time to watch the sun going down over the Dee.

Two thoughts of the day:

Now the sun sets and rises earlier and later – I might catch a few and share!

Still really enjoying life!

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