Along the Wirral Way in the sunshine…..

A truly autumnal day, cold, breezy and sunny and not a drop of rain – perfect. Today we were on a bit of a mission to make contact with some relatives living in Little Neston, so we parked up in Heswall and took the riverside walk (to make it a sort of circular walk by using the Wirral Way back – clever huh?) southwards. Riverside is a bit of a misnomer as you can’t actually see the river beyond the marshland but let’s not be picky and enjoy the sun. Incidentally there are loads of carparks along this route all free.

We first arrived at Parkgate a freshly painted row of white with black beamed houses, cafes and a pub all along the front.

At the end of the village is Mostyn House School, formerly a private boarding school and now residential.

Further along the marshland turned into this beautiful prairie of grass, shimmering in the sunlight.

We arrived in Little Neston and with a little help from Mr OS and Google, accomplished our mission with tentative lunch plans made for tomorrow with family I have not seen for more years than I am prepared to admit too! Now to find the Wirral Way.

We soon did and enjoyed a pleasant walk in the late afternoon sunshine, with many distant views across the Dee to Wales.

A very successful and pleasant 8 mile round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

Ok so why wait until the 5th of November when you can set off Fireworks at least a week early and wind up Poppydog? She is not happy but at least she has stopped barking at them!

Ooh spotted an M&S Foodhall in Heswall (about 4 miles from site) – I think we may have to pay it a visit.

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