New Brighton to Egremont with sun, rain, hail and lots of wind….

Quite windy again today with a bit of everything weather wise, sun, showers and hail. Continuing on our trail we parked up at the start of the New Brighton promenade, taking a quick look at some kite surfers at Wallasey Beach before following the promenade into New Brighton.

Bearing in mind the sun was out back at site and for the short journey here, almost as soon as we set off along came the rain – actually it wasn’t rain but hail, stingy, pingy painful on the back of the legs hail! There was nowhere to hide so we just took it and kept going. As the tide was a bit further in than yesterday, where New Brighton beach was, is today just a swirling mass of angry sea, bashing up against the sea wall.

By the time we had reached Perch Rock Lighthouse, the hail had passed on over leaving us pretty wet (guess who forgot their waterproofs?) through, oh well this stiff wind will soon dry us out!

Beyond the Lighthouse is Fort Perch Rock, built in the 1820’s to defend the Port of Liverpool and now a museum, with a nice bit of sandy beach either side of the breakwater.

Not to be outdone on her own black rock at the far end of the beach sits this rather colourful Mermaid.

As we continued along the very wide promenade with the elegant houses of Wallasey high above us on the right and sandy beaches in between the breakwaters and the busy docks of Liverpool on our left we enjoyed a few surprises as we walked.

A Pirate ship created from driftwood and debris from the sea and a sort of tree monster made out of fallen branches.

A bit further along all the railing heads of Vale Park had been covered by brightly coloured either knitted or crocheted bonnets – how delightful!

I love this sort of thing, when something functional has been made pretty! We were tempted to venture into the park and were not disappointed with the little fairy villages and other sculptures dotted around.

A bit further along (oh and we are almost dried out now) we reached Egremont with another sandy beach and Liverpool City Centre as its skyline.

This we decided is today’s destination and so stopped for awhile to give Poppydog a good run around and me a sit down before beginning the four miles return journey.

Me suitably rested, Poppydog suitably exercised, wet and straggly looking and all feathered things suitably ‘moved on’, we set off from whence we came.

Just to help us on our way, splat a cloud full of rain to keep us company.

As quick as it came it moved on!

Ah well, we’ve got about three and a half miles to dry off in and we did.

Two thoughts of the day:

I though this walk was going to be a bit dull walking along a concrete promenade – how wrong was I!

I suspect the north Wirral coastline has its own micro climate, a wet one at that, as again once we left the coast there was little evidence of much rain having fallen.

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