From Leasowe Lighthouse to Perch Rock Lighthouse…..

A grey and breezy day again today, we encountered a true sea rain (it wasn’t raining any where else just along the seafront!) which did a pretty good job of making us wet and cold! Today we drove to the car park near Leasowe Lighthouse and continued our walk along the coastal path – Leasowe Beach with the tide in.

As we had turned back at this point yesterday, we didn’t see this part of Leasowe Beach, beyond the first breakwater.

As the tide is receding this is a continuous strip of ever widening sand running along the entire north coast of The Wirral, probably not the nicest sand and getting out for a swim would be pretty exhausting and it would be nice to see what difference a nice blue skied day would make?

We continued along the concrete walkway to Wallasey Beach.

Still further along, we have arrived in New Brighton.

There in the distance, overshadowed by the huge red cranes of the docks across the Mersey is Perch Rock Lighthouse (the original lighthouse was built in 1683) first lit in 1830 and decommissioned in 1973. Interestingly in 2001 LED lights were introduced naming all those list at sea, including the 1517 list on the ‘Titanic’ – how amazing and what a fabulous idea?

The broad walkway along the front in New Brighton feels a bit soulless but maybe that is because it is so quiet? The only bit if colour being the memorial benches along the concrete sea wall.

At this point the sea breeze running along the beach (on our backs on the way here) turned wet! How rude – still it will be more than a 7 mile round trip so enough!

And so it was a wet and cold walk back and having decided that we would stop for a play on Leasowe Beach on the way back – I’m afraid that didn’t happen!

Two thoughts of the day:

So far on our mooching around the Wirral all the houses have been huge, well set back, along leafy avenues – so who in their right minds thought that these were a good idea?

How funny – no sign of any rain once we left the coastal path!! We however were soaked!

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