A walk from Hoylake to Leasowe Beach….

The wind dropped a bit over night and left us with another mostly grey day. We drove to Hoylake and parked up on the seafront on the wide one way coastal road. There is a wide promenade running for maybe a couple of miles along the seafront. Unfortunately there is only a small strip of clean soft sand, the rest is really just a series of sandbanks, some quite muddy, so not a great beach for relaxing or playing.

Still with the wind on our backs we walked along the promenade passing this interesting sculpture outside the Lifeboat Station in commemoration of the Hoylake crew lost in 1810.

And this – not sure exactly what it was but it is fit the children of Hoylake and I think it is quite pretty.

Beyond Hoylake the promenade continued on the Wallasey Embankment past the Leasowe Lighthouse (built in 1763 and closed in 1908) the first lighthouse built from brick and the last keeper – Mrs Williams was the only known female keeper in those times. Good enough claim to fame I think.

From here another half a mile lead us to Leasowe Beach – at last a reasonable stretch of sand – playtime for Poppydog!

In the distance you can see the red cranes of Liverpool Docks. Enough for us as we shall have this wind in our faces all the way back. Not the most interesting walk but hey the sun almost made an appearance over Hilbre Island as we reached the car.

Back on site a little bit of a sunset thing went on over the Dee Estuary.

Two thoughts of the day:

Not finding the beaches very inspiring here on the Wirral.

Might need to abandon the shorts soon!

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