A wild walk to Heswall and Thurstaston along the Wirral Way…..

A wild night, followed by a wild, grey but thankfully dry day. The Dee Estuary this morning ….

Today was laundry day so I didn’t feel like driving afterwards (no logic to that thought process!) and we opted instead to walk along the Wirral Way southwards to Heswall. With tide now out the Dee still doesn’t look very welcoming.

It was a very pleasant walk, mostly sheltered from the wind along the tree lined Wirral Way, with few people about and after a few miles we reached the rather wealthy looking outskirts of Heswall. A row of large houses with enormous gardens and views across the Estuary – nice!

In the village itself there wasn’t much to see – mostly because all the properties were set back from the tree lined avenues, tucked away behind huge red sandstone walls!

For a nice change we were able to make this a circular route and after leaving Heswall behind we passed by Dungeon Woods (oh yes Bridge name mystery solved!).

Across farmland, several Christmas Tree plantations oh and this very topical field full of pumpkins – how cool is this scarecrow?

Very soon we arrived in Thurstaston a small scattering of large houses and this imposing church.

Then just a half a mile down the hill and our 7 mile circuit was at an end. Back to site in time for a spot of Squirrel watching before it goes dark!

Two thoughts of the day:

Fish and chip van came to site tonight – they were good – ideal!

I didn’t realise how used to hearing Welsh spoken around me I’d got, until now that it’s not and suddenly I can understand everyone again!

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