Following the Wirral Way to West Kirby….

A lovely sunny Autumn (chilly) day, perfect for a lovely walk along the very Autumnal Wirral Way.

From the site it is a 3 mile walk into West Kirby, as the tide was in we decided to walk along the lovely leafy Wirral Way which runs parallel to the estuary, with vistas here and there.

Arriving in West Kirby which was larger than I expected, we made our way through the streets to the beach, a tiny strip of soft dry sand and then a massive area of wet sand, a little muddy in places.

This stretch of sand marks the end of the estuary with open sea just visible beyond.

After a rare cup of tea, we ventured out to visit the three islands – Hilbre, Little Hilbre and Little Eye, however the sand became increasingly wetter and muddier, so I postponed this trip for another day, when I am armed or should I say footed with wellies!

Instead we turned back and walked around Marine Lake (a large manmade sea water lake running along the foreshore used for sailing and windsurfing though empty today).

From here we walked along the Wirral Circular Trail along the estuary until it rejoined the Wirral Way back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

It is half term in some parts of the country so the dreaded little people are around and we had a couple of near misses with footballs on the beach – here I was thinking that now Poppydog has reached the grand old age of three that she may have matured – hah!

How nice to have a shower that doesn’t cut out every 10 seconds or isn’t in a shed! Civilised caravanning!

One thought on “Following the Wirral Way to West Kirby….

  1. No windsurfers at West Kirby – it is a well-known speed strip. My UK heroine, Zara Davies, who holds just the two World records for speed windsurfing sometimes trains there! (I have met her a few times and had the privilege of interviewing her for my blog. She is a very inspiring lady.)
    And more than 10 seconds of hot shower.

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