Thirteen miles of sandy beach from Abergele to Prestatyn…..

Another lovely sunny day and again warm in the sunshine – perfect! Today is our last day exploring the wonderful beaches of Wales so we planned to make the most of it, parking up at the beach front car park in Abergele. As is typical the beach is backed by several terraces of light coloured pebbles and then as the tide recedes a large expanse of wet sand is revealed.

We are making the most of these stunning few days – at this time of year you can never be too sure how many more you will get!

Beyond Abergele the beach becomes Kinmel Bay though equally sandy there was a lot of water on this beach – great during the summer months but a bit of a nuisance when you are wearing walking boots!

At this point we turned about (in total this beach is 5 miles long and we have 2 more beaches to explore today) and walked back along the footpath / cycle path that runs along behind the banks of pebbles. What we hadn’t realised is that behind the sea defences are miles and miles of static caravan parks!

On our return to the car, we drove a further 4 miles up the coast to Rhyl – a very different place. A lot of money has been spent here on the Marina, a fabulous modern seafront Theatre, an Oceanarium among others and the beach – well this stretch of sand which extends to Prestatyn and beyond is over 8 miles long!

I wonder next what these beaches look like on a sunny Saturday afternoon in August?

I’m afraid I didn’t have the energy to walk all the way along and back again so we cheated and drove the few miles down to Prestatyn and took another nice beach walk from there.

These beaches are amazing, where you can quickly have the place to yourself once you have walked a mile or so away from any access but I would not like to visit them during the summer!

Two thoughts of the day:

We have loved our time in Wales – the beaches here have been such an eye opener – we recommend!!

Behind the scenes I have been working on a Blog purely featuring all the beaches we have seen with a brief summary of them – it is still a work in progress but the link is

Freedombird Beach Guide

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