A long walk from Llanddulas to Penrhyn Bay….

A lovely sunny day again today, not quite cloud free but pretty good for October. We had a long walk planned today, so got a relatively early start and drive the short distance down to the seafront at Llanddulas. No sand in evidence though maybe at low tide in a couple of hours time?

The coastal path wanders along the cycle route 5 all the way, which makes for easy walking but Poppydog has to stay on a short lead. It is right on the coast with the roar of the A55 somewhat reduced as it is running along above us on our left, until we reached Old Colwyn after a couple of miles rather unexciting footpath. The sea defence here is these rather abstract concrete shapes – a bit like a double ended hammer with a twist in the middle so that the hammer ends are at an angle.

I became rather mesmerised by them – why this shape? How fascinating it must have been to watch them being laid? How on earth did they do it? They were also numbered, the highest number I saw was 22378 and the lowest 6502 – I wonder how many there were? What a contrast – manmade concrete blocks and huge wind turbines versus flat calm teal sea and baby blue skies with a flotilla of white and light grey clouds – interesting.

The beach at Old Colwyn was stony and access had been closed off, not sure why.

No matter, we had all this sand, as we arrived at Colwyn Bay, to enjoy.

It was surprisingly quiet, so Poppydog got the chance to ‘off road’ for awhile.

At the centre of the beach is a state of the art cafe with exceptional views across the beach in either direction.

Up on the promenade (which runs from one end of the beach to the other and on into Rhos-on-Sea) these rather rusty sculptures are quite eye catching.

On we walked to Rhos-on-Sea, the beach isn’t quite as nice, more stony and possibly a little muddy in places.

Still we kept on going and what a delight awaited us around the corner.

This wonderful little chapel of St Trillo’s, supposedly the smallest in the U.K., big enough for just 6 congregation and hosting fortnightly services – how wonderful!

We are on a mission now to see the last beach on our list today – Penrhyn Bay, sitting in the shadow of Little Orme, quite stony to start with but a nice little chunk of sand in the centre of the bay.

I’m afraid we didn’t venture too much closer as this has already been quite a marathon and we still have to get back (it turned out to be a 10.5 mile round trip – plenty!).

Still no sand at Llanddulas!

A good day out.

Two thoughts of the day:

Our visit to Wales is drawing to a close and we have been here for 6 wonderful months – I have not learnt any welsh, nor has Poppydog but we have found some amazing beaches and loved every minute.

Those fantastic concrete double ended hammers – so many questions!

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