A sunny afternoon on Conwy Morfa Beach…..

A beautiful day from dawn till dusk and really quite warm in the sun. After the long walk and no beaches yesterday, we thought to treat ourselves with a beach day and so we did. We parked up by the Marina in Conwy (the castle here is pretty impressive but the viewing lay by was full, so you will either have to google it or take my word for it!) and walked straight out onto the lovely white sandy beach at the head of the estuary.

Around the estuary head the beach opened up with a stony (sea defence) back, dunes and golf course behind and a wide expanse of wave dappled sand looking at a sparkling Deganwy.

We were here for three hours as it was just so lovely wandering along in the sunshine and apart from the odd dog walker, very few people around.

At the far end of the beach Penmaen-bach hill where the A55 burrows deep through a tunnel the beach was thrown into it’s dark shadow as the was sitting to low- it was chilly!!

More wave dappled sand awaited around the corner and Poppydog had a great time chasing the birds fluttering around the rockface.

A lovely relaxing walk and afternoon.

Two thoughts of the day:

Would you buy a bathroom from a shop called ‘Bogs and Basins’ (Deganwy) – I’m sure I wouldn’t.

I love sunny Autumn days, well in fact I love Spring, Summer and Winter sunny days.

One thought on “A sunny afternoon on Conwy Morfa Beach…..

  1. So lovely to see somewhere so close to my heart. Conwy and Morfa beach represent my only caravanning experience – we used to go there when I was a very small child! Even though I was tiny, I still remember the caravan being small… My grandad built it himself!


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