What a day! Up and around Great Orme….

Cloudy, a bit chilly but most importantly dry day. We decided to go for it today and parked the car along the front at West Shore Tollgate beach – a quick look and we’re off.

We took the footpath that crosses to Llandudno part way up Great Orme, with spectacular views across Conwy Sands.

Past Tweedledee and Tweedledum….

Past the Tram Station (the easy way up Great Orme) and the pier.

Then we were on the Great Orme Marine Drive (£3 toll for cars, free for pedestrians) a 5 mile one way lane around Great Orme.

A few rock climbers were enjoying the sheer limestone rock face – my money is on the goat.

A mile or so in there is a lane leading up to the summit which we followed, around several hairpin bends (ok not scary when on foot!) past the little church and huge graveyard of St Tudno.

A final 20 metre scramble and we were at the summit (207m).

Spectacular views all around.

We watched a Police Escort somebody of importance (no idea!) to and from the summit car park – will google it when I have signal!

We then made our way back down to the Marine Drive (where we left off) making way for a passing tram on the way down.

There is also a cable car to the top but this wasn’t in operation and probably it an option for Poppydog!

Whilst there were quite a few people up at the summit we passed very few walkers on our four and a half hour journey.

We passed the Lighthouse (which is now also a B&B) at the point of the headland and a very welcome cafe where we stopped for a cup of tea and medicinal slice of homemade lemon drizzle cake mmm.

The views have been so dramatic with the heavy black clouds, little pools of sunshine hitting the sea and backdrops of Anglesey and Snowdonia.

One lone bird taking in the view!

Towards the end of the walk the road is set back a bit further from the sea and below us were the palatial houses of Millionaires Row – what breathtaking views the must enjoy.

The walk was just over 8 miles in total and I would thoroughly recommend it- mind you watch out for the goats with the serious pair of horns!

Two thoughts of the day:

If you think that we have been walking the coastal path pretty much every day for over a year now and have only seen a few seals and no dolphins or porpoises – that must be quite unlucky?

May be we are not looking or in the right place at the right time!! Will have to work on that!

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