From Conwy Sands to Llandudno Bay…..

A mild dry day, plenty of blue sky but the sun remained stubbornly behind the clouds for most of the day. We drove to Deganwy, a seaside village on the peninsula of Great Ormes Head and found plenty of free parking along the front. As with so much if this coastline the beaches are backed by piles of stones, in some cases clearly manmade as part of the sea defences and in others looking more naturally laid. On the other side of the river is the lovely remote sands of Conwy.

Our first beach was Melyn with some serious looking black clouds hanging over the top of Deganwy.

Beyond the breakwater we joined Conwy Sands with Great Ormes Head looming up above.

From here it was a short walk into Llandudno a very sedate Victorian seaside town (all the new builds and many of the grander houses appeared to be retirement or care homes, so little wonder it has quite a sedate feel about the place) with a grid of wide residential streets running between the two coasts and some sort of link to Alice in Wonderland – hence this angry looking sculpture of the Queen of Hearts.

We wandered out on to the pier, which is quite quaint and old fashioned but I forgot to take a photo! It has old fairground type stalls along with the obligatory amusement arcade, hot donuts, bucket and spade shops oh yes and a pasty stall – result! So I enjoyed a pasty whilst Poppydog kept the seagulls at bay! Nice views to Great Orme and the tidy row of houses overlooking the main beach.

We walked along the mostly stony beach (all sand under water now), played for awhile – I was quite mesmerised by the wind farm out at sea – why are they not all in time? or the same speed? Have they paid for themselves?

It was then time for the walk back – still plenty of sand on the Conwy side of town and just a little glimpse of the sun peeping through the clouds.

Two thoughts of the day:

This has got to be added to the list of random signs – what an earth does it mean?

Met a little very couple who told me all about the Marine Drive – a toll road that goes all the way around Great Orme – now the decision is shall we walk or shall we take the car?

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