Moving on to Abergele and the motormover saves the day…

At last – it seems like it has been raining and blowing forever but this morning dawned more or less dry and calm, by lunchtime the sun appeared – double wammy! The last couple of days weather has left the field we are sited in very water logged and I shall be picking damp leaves off the outside and from inside the van for weeks! It came as no great surprise that there was no way the car was going to pull the van out of the field, the van wasn’t stuck but I could barely get enough traction on the soggy grass to move the car – look what happened..

Anyhow the wonderful bit of kit – the motormover saved the day as she pirouetted the van off the field and I was able to hitch up in the lane.

Am easy journey and we were soon pitched up at our new home for the week on a small site just outside Abergele – North Coast here we come!

Two thoughts of the day:

Think I will steer clear of grass pitches until next summer!

The signal here is pretty weak so uploading photos are going to be a problem.

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