Caernarfon in the rain – not quite the town of my dreams…..

Another wet and wild (though slightly less wild – no shudders!) night and indeed, day, all day! No respite from the rain, so we went anyway. The plan was to give Poppydog a good run around on the Foryd Bay sands (just inside the Menai Strait) and then walk along the coastal path into Caernarfon. However, not for the first time, I got my tide times wrong and it was not long after high tide when we arrived and definitely no sand!

Just lots of weedy greyness, almost merging with the rain filled sky – perhaps on the way back, Poppydog. It rained and blew us the couple of miles into Caernarfon along the not particularly attractive coast road, around the last bend and there was the castle.

No flag up in our honour (though I didn’t let them know we were coming, to be fair!) and even allowing for the grey day effect, not the most attractive castle we have seen. Still we crossed the swing bridge taking a look down the Strait.

Around the castle walls we walked to a more modern inner harbour (signs of possibly becoming trendy!).

Then back round to look at the section of town within the walls (described (rather hopefully in my opinion!) as a myriad of little boutiques, shops and places to eat and drink) which we found to be rather grubby and run down Edwardian homes / shops with some very ugly 1950’s housing tucked just inside the walls. What a shame!

Never mind – we had seen enough and as it had almost stopped raining we passed the castle entrance in pursuit of a little fun on the beach.

Ok so maybe it looks better with the sun shining and a bit of sand exposed at a lower tide?

Two and a half hours after low tide we are back to look at the Sands in Foryd Bay? OK so it is now raining again – let’s call it a day and go home to get warm and dry!

Two thoughts of the day:

At least we didn’t waste this grey and wet day discovering beautiful beaches!

How frustrating! Had it all planned out, after our walk we would do our weekly shop in Tesco’s, Caernarfon and then pick up a McDonald’s, opposite, to enjoy back in the warmth. Closed yesterday for a complete refurb!!!!

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