Blowing a gale at Aberdesach…..

After a very wet and wild night, though we were warm and cosy and ignoring the occasional shudder as the van got buffeted, the day continued in pretty much the same vein. Still as anyone with a Springer knows, wild weather is not a valid excuse for not going for a walk. Not wishing to drive too far, our first stop was just a few miles up the road at the little hamlet of Pontllyfni. We left the car up on the main road a walked the half a mile or so down to the beach – well when I say beach, I mean wild seas!!

Never going to be the prettiest beach we’ve seen but there is some sand underneath those waves (this was about 2 hours after high tide) and the surfers were having fun!

We wandered along for awhile trying to find the footpath that supposedly runs along the top to Aberdesach but couldn’t find it so we hopped back in the car and drove there.

As this is only a mile or so south, we encountered pretty much the same scenario. A bit more sand this time which meant that we could have a bit more of a play, though the wind was howling along the beach, making walking a fairly tough challenge!

Enough already! Time to go back to the warmth and dry out – absolutely no chance of air drying today!

Two thoughts of the day:

Apart from a couple of fairly inaccessible coves we have visited every beach on the Lleyn Peninsula and I am sure you will agree, found some absolute beauties.

The van is nicely pebbledashed in wet leaves – aah well they will soon blow away on the next dry day.

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